Extraordinary Entrepreneur Radio

thank you for your interest in being a guest!

here's what you need to know

Listen. We're pretty chill around here. If you'd like to talk about real life entrepreneurship without the facade, let's do it.

Are you cool with recorded conversations with a way too casual host? How about recording a podcast without prepared notes? If so, this may be the podcast guest spot for you!

the nitty gritty

what you'll need

This is important for our audio quality. If you don't have a professional mic, please let me know ASAP.

external professional microphone

Apple earbuds work just fine! You just need to be able to hear me NOT out of the computer's speakers.

wired headphones

Some interruptions can't be avoided (hello, mail person!), but please silence your phone and other alerts.

radio silence

YOU'LL PITCH YOURSELF. Before you go, you'll have the option to pitch yourself. Have a signature program? Tell us all about it! Selling is service.


YOU'LL INTRODUCE YOURSELF. And then we're off to the races. We'll chat for anywhere from 20-40 minutes, letting the conversation flow.


WE'LL CHAT BEFORE WE HIT RECORD. We won't be hopping right into the recording. It may be chill, but there are still boundaries and we'll discuss them.


Episode Format

I'm pretty protective of this community. While we're primarily women age 25-55, we do have male listeners and have had male guests in the past.

We're all entrepreneurs, some are more experienced than others, but we're all on the same journey of working in and on our business. (SO marketing-ish but so true.)

Ready to schedule your interview?