Riding the Idea Wave & Making a Splash with ADHD

April 30, 2023

Straddling the crest of creativity and innovation can be a wild ride, but sometimes the tidal wave of ideas feels like it’s swamping our brain-beaches.

Straddling the crest of creativity and innovation can be a wild ride, but sometimes the tidal wave of ideas feels like it’s swamping our brain-beaches. In this post, we’ll dive into the ups and downs of idea overload, take notes from ADHD entrepreneurs who’ve rocked the boat, and share some rad tips for turning those ideas into real-life awesomeness.

The Sweet, the Sour, and the Drowning in Ideas

Being an ADHD entrepreneur can be like having a double-edged lightsaber. It sparks our imagination and lets us think way outside the box, but it can also scatter our focus and trip up our execution. So, how do we tame this idea tsunami and make it our beach buddy?

The ADHD Entrepreneurs’ Rockstar Hall of Fame

Let’s get pumped by some ADHD entrepreneurs who’ve channeled their idea overflow into killer successes:

Richard Branson, the big kahuna of the Virgin Group, famously wrestled with ADHD and dyslexia. He turned his hyperactive mojo into an empire that struts its stuff across multiple industries.

David Neeleman, the brains behind JetBlue Airways, used his ADHD-fueled creativity to shake up the airline industry and make flying way more fun.

These epic stories prove that ADHD entrepreneurs can not only stay afloat but ride the biggest waves in the business world.

Practical Surf Tricks for Idea Management

Mind mapping: Whip out a visual tool to sort and link your ideas. This trick helps spot patterns and zoom in on the most promising brainwaves.

Eisenhower Matrix: Sort your ideas by urgency and importance. This can be hard for some of us with ADHD because it requires prioritization so if the concept makes you want to cry, move on and ignore this!

2-minute rule: If an idea takes less than 2 minutes to pull off, do it now. This clears the mental clutter and frees up space for bigger fish. The risk is that it will send you down a new rabbit hole.

Listen, the whole idea is to find tricks that work for YOUR brain. Take what works and leave the rest!

Staying Stoked

Set clear goals: Figure out what winning looks like for each idea, and plot a course to make it happen.

Create a timeline: Set deadlines for each step, and paddle hard to hit ’em on time.

Break tasks into smaller steps: Chop up complicated tasks into bite-sized pieces, making it easier to stay focused and keep the momentum.

Seek accountability: Share your game plan with a coach, pal, or teammate who can keep you on track and cheer you on.

The Try, Try Again Process: Learn on the Fly

Embrace the fact that entrepreneurship is all about trying, failing, and trying again. Don’t be scared to learn from both your high-fives and faceplants. Use these lessons to fine-tune your ideas and make you a more rad and resilient entrepreneur.

Finding the Sweet Spot

For ADHD entrepreneurs, the secret sauce is balancing the creative chaos in your brain with the discipline needed to turn your ideas into reality. By testing out the strategies in this post, you’ll be better prepared to ride the idea wave and channel your energy into building a killer business.

Now go out there and try something to see if it works, ADHD entrepreneurs! And if it doesn’t work, try something else! The world is stoked to see your mind-blowing ideas and game-changing ventures.

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