• Having a brand presence you’re proud of
  • A strategy to convert leads into clients
  • Having a highly profitable business you love

I know you want to be cash comfortable and convey your brand’s message clearly to potential clients. I also know you aren’t sure where to start - or you wouldn’t be here.

Everyone dreams of owning a successful business, but hardly anyone runs a profitable brand. 


The Process


We'll connect, discuss your business goals, your vision and how I can help you tie it all together and amplify your strengths.



We're in business! Now we're going exploring with a deep dive into your brand heritage, strategy, and everything in between. 


kick off

It's go time! We're kicking off the project and riding off into the sunset together, making beautiful design. Can you picture it? 


Your brand deserves to thrive!

After birthing businesses and babies, I know how hard it is to do both. I’m here to help you with the business part.

(I'm not at all qualified to be a doula!)

"Maggie is an absolute dream to work with. Her ability to think not only quickly, but strategically, has enhanced my business by leaps and bounds. When I have a problem, Maggie can solve it."

Valerie, ValCor Group

the secret to my clients' success is
my signature experience

i break this down into 3 phases




brand identity

web build


We'll begin with a strategy session. This will allow for all decisions later to be strategic, including your visual identity.

Once the visual identity is created, we'll begin the web strategy with your conversion goals with user experience top of mind.

Launching a new brand (or re-brand!) is exciting! We'll provide launch graphics and a proposed launch week hype strategy for your confetti throw!

My Signature Experience

three ingredients to brand magic


strategic brand identity

You have 50 milliseconds to make a good first impression. That's .05 seconds. Turning around a poor first impression is extremely challenging, although not impossible.

With a strategically crafted brand identity, we work to help your ideal clients have a "they get me!" type of first impression and continue along the buyers path.

strategy session

brand strategy

brand identity suite

collateral design

packaging design

brand usage guide


conversion-led web design

We don't designs websites to just be beautiful - they need to be conversion focused. 

Together we'll work to determine your website goals. Then customize the layout and design accordingly. This will also determine the style in which copy will be written, so don't put the cart before the horse! 

strategy-based web prep kit

custom built showit website

mobile responsive design

search engine optimization

opt-in integration

custom thank you page


promotional marketing send off

You're not leaving us without a proper send off!

In addition to a launch strategy, we'll set you up for marketing success with the assets needed to bridge the gap between your new brand and the marketing channels you use most frequently.

launch graphics

social media headers

canva brand kit set up

social media templates

growth strategy

14 days ongoing support

let's get started

you raising your hand, probably

Let me answer a few questions

how much is this gonna cost?

OK, first of all... what is the cost of staying the same? (Hi, welcome to working with Maggie, where I shake you with love from time to time.)

It's costing you:

    • Clients (and therefore money!)
    • Conversions (and therefore money!)
    • Confidence (and therefore money!)

What’s the opportunity cost of staying where you are in your business?

That said, services range between $4,000-$11,000 USD.

If you have a brand you love, we can discuss a web build only. Many times you'll want a few additional assets, which we can determine when we speak. 

what if i just want a site?

Logos are a tiny sliver of your overall brand identity, and it is not the beginning of the process. 

In order to work together on a logo, you'll need to have a brand strategy in place. If you've completed this work already, please let me know when we chat so I can review! 

i just need a logo.

I have a giant network of collaborators. If you need a copywriter, social media manager, launch manager, virtual assistant - you name it! I have recommendations. 

I also have more services. This is why it's important we chat!

i think i need more help.

Absolutely not. I'll teach you how to use your site, but if you'd like ongoing support, we can create a retainer package for you. You do NOT need it, however, and will be fully able to manage after your 14-day support period ends.

do i need to hire you for updates?

This will depend on the project type and my current availability. I've recently scaled back the amount of design clients I accept per year, to ensure I can provide personal contact. If you're interested in working together, let's chat so you can get an idea!

how soon can we start?

Brand photography guide




Growth Mindset Workbook


Snag some resources to get you started

tune in

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