The One Concept Method

The old standard of multiple logo concepts has gone the way of the dodo. I know it feels scary to not have the safety net of multiple designs, especially when “that’s the way it’s always been.” I initially felt the same way, but I’ve found some really key positives since introducing the one concept method:

quality over quantity

Creative energy isn’t bottomless. Think of juicing an orange. The more you press, the less you get. When you focus all of your energy into one logo, you receive a better result. You have time to perfect and tweak, instead of dividing that time over three concepts.

no more franken-logo

Franken-logos are a very real problem in the design world. By presenting three designs, you open the door to a client to ask for three different elements to be combined into one logo. As a designer, you know better. The client hired you because you know better. However, I see franken-logos in the wild.

owning my expert status

Sean McCabe explained it perfectly:

When you simply deliver multiple options, you are acting as a technician. The focus is on your time and your output. You are an expense, and you are a commodity.

When you provide a solution, you are acting as a professional. The focus is on your results and the value you create. You are an investment, and you are worth paying relative to the value you create.

I left the corporate world to own my expert status. I’m a professional and I value price.

OCM results

I’ve loved the feedback since implementing the one concept method! The strategy work we do has ensured a detailed and clearer design going into refinement.

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The One Concept Method

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