I provide Extraordinary Entrepreneurs with education to uplevel their brand

entrepreneur education

Everyone dreams of owning a successful business, but hardly anyone runs a profitable brand

• The education to create the brand of your dreams
• A strategy to convert leads into clients
• Having a highly profitable business you love

I know you want to be cash comfortable and convey your brand’s message clearly to potential clients. I also know you don't want to depend on someone else to do it for you, or you wouldn't be here.


Your brand deserves to

After birthing businesses and babies, I know how hard it is to do both. I’m here to help you with the business part.


(Through education - I really don’t like babysitting.)

The Shop

Extraordinary Entrepreneur Accelerator

Extraordinary Entrepreneur Experience 

Pre-made branding and creative solutions for business owners who want to make a difference but want to make buck, too.

A six-month brand and marketing incubator to best prepare you to launch your offer, brand or next phase of business. This is a foundational piece of education.

The elite 12-month brand and marketing program to uplevel your business with authenticity and 1:1 accountability. This experience is intense so buckle up!

Let's Work Together

No matter where you are in your business, there's a way we can work together to get those juicy ideas out of the notebooks you've been filling and into your business.

Why do I need to invest in programs?

• It's about WHO not HOW - who can help, who can teach? Spend time learning and delegating and you'll soar.
• You're smart. You have the all the puzzle pieces. But it's hard to put the puzzle together when you can't see the picture on the outside of the box.
• The analysis paralysis you've been feeling isn't sustainable.

You don't need to do anything, friend. As someone with defiant disorder, if you tell me I need to do it, I will do the opposite. So you do what feels right, but let me tell you a couple reasons why I suggest investing.

The whys of it all:

What’s the opportunity cost of staying where you are in your business? Time passes with or without you making an investment in the future.

"Maggie is an amazing multi-faceted coach. She checks in on me every week to see what my goals are and how I'm doing. She keeps positivity in my life. Because of her, I've gained courage to face the thoughts that are hindering my success."

Madeline Burkhardt

"The information in the Brand Bootcamp was invaluable. It was the best money I have spent in years. I have spent thousands of dollars over many years and I received more valuable information in an easy to understand way in eight hours."

Mireille Wozniak-Michalak

"Maggie came around just when I needed her most. She was excited to work on our project and… she really got us. She always gets back to us quickly as well. We just love her!"

Julia Gramenz